PayMe推新版 盼解決「大擠塞」
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三人貪污及披露廉署調查人士身分罪成候判 Leung Siu Lun, an ex-Vice President of HSBC's Mong Kok business centre, accepted bribes from Mickey Chu Kong, including hotel nights in Macau and free use of cars, one of which was parked in a Wilson car park supervised by his mother. When the ICAC came looking for parking records, she tipped off Leung. 梁肇倫,香港上海匯豐銀行有限公司(匯豐銀行)前副總裁,被指接受朱江的賄賂,包括三晚澳門酒店住宿優待、一晚廣州酒店住宿優待、以及使用朱江一輛私家車及一輛豪華汽車的權利,其中一架汽車是泊在其母管理的威信停車場管理(控股)有限公司的停車場。當廉政公署留意泊車紀錄時,他告訴其子。 3日前