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廉署起訴一家四口疑涉公屋單位欺詐分案提堂 Allegedly: Mum & Dad bought their Public Rental Housing unit under the Tenant Purchase Scheme, then leased it out without paying land premium, while the kids pretended to live with Granny to get a PRH flat under the Families with Elderly Persons Priority Scheme, while Granny was actually in a care home, 串謀的: 父親及母親根據租者置其屋計劃購入其公屋單位,並在沒有補地價把之租出,至於其子女聲稱贏根據天倫樂優先配屋計劃和嬤嬤根據共住一公屋單位,至於其嬤嬤實際上住在老人院內。 2016年10月23日