Lucy Michaels 訴 中原、趙志雄及Elina Pow Mui Ling
Mrs Michaels claims that she suffered carbon monoxide poisoning and PTSD in a flat rented by her daughter. The Master struck out her claim as it was beyond the 3-year limit in the Limitations Ordinance. Deputy Judge Paul Lam SC agrees, adding that "Mrs Michaels' claim is far-fetched, imaginative, and fanciful; it does not have any evidential basis at all. It would not make sense to disapply the limitation period to allow her to proceed with a hopeless claim." Mrs Michaels 指出在女兒租用房間中他中了一氧化碳毒,並患上創傷後遺症。法官亦拒絕他的申請,因為超過《時限條例》3年的限制。副法官林定國資深大律師同意,並指出「Mrs Michaels」是牽強的、具創意及幻想力強。這並沒有任何證據支持。如果不用時限期否錢以容許她繼續進行申索是不合符常理。

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