Mysterious 8,500% Stock Gain Attracts Big Funds (And Big Questions)
Comment: this is a closed-end investment fund trading at 93 times its net asset value, rather than the normal discount that such funds attract. MSCI and HSI should know better than to include such funds in their indices, as they are not regular companies and are prohibited from participating in business management. They are also exempt from the public float requirements, which is probably why the SFC has not issued concentration warnings on such stocks, but it should do so anyway. 評論: 這是一個閉端投資基金,並以93倍市帳率交易,並不是像一般情況以折讓吸引投資者投資。MSCI及恆生指數應該更了解是否應包括此股份進入指數,這是不正常的公司及應該禁止參與業務管理。他們應該豁免公眾持股限制,這肯定為何證監會並無對這些股發出披露股權集中警告,但他應該去做這事情。
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