Webb on the Government's under-priced metered parking
Webb曰 香港政府和商業泊位非公平地競爭,主要因為街邊泊車為8元一小時,但私營往往為30元。建議每15分鐘增加至4元成5元就算給立法會通過並沒有太大分別。或者有些犯罪集團壟斷錶位並以「代客泊車」把差價賺取。 HK's Government competes unfairly with commercial parking by charging $8/hr for on-street parking when the private sector nearby charges $30. Proposals to increase that to $4 or $5 per 15 minutes won't make much difference, even if they overcome vested interests in LegCo. Meanwhile criminal gangs corner the meters and rake off the difference as "valet parking".

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