Du Guorong v Bank of China International Ltd
Things do go wrong, apparently. Mr Du wins his application for pre-action discovery, to enable him to pursue his claim of some HK$100m against the bank, which is pursuing him for a debt claim of US$852k. On the bank's affirmation in defence, Deputy High Court Judge Conrad Seagroatt says "it is a singularly uninformative document riddled with irrelevancies and inaccuracies". Interestingly, Mr Seagroatt retired as a High Court Justice at 65 in 2003, but is apparently still going strong as a deputy. 很明顯地錯了。杜先生贏了司法覆核申請,容許他向銀行索償約1億,同時銀行亦向他追討約85.2萬的債務。在銀行辯護的角度中,副高等法院法官孫國治稱「這是單獨的非資料性文件難題,包括不實及不確」。有趣的,孫國治在2003年,即他65歲時候以高院法官退休,但顯然地他作為副職仍然強壯。

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